Snakes and Cages

My luck, I woke up late for work today leaving me with only 10 minutes to get ready. So this is what I came up with while I was tripping over stuff. As usual, Florida weather is above 90 degrees today so that really limits what i can wear. I have a love/hate relationship with Florida really. I love the fact that the beach is 20 minutes away and it feels like i’m on vacation 365 days a year but the heat really gets to me sometimes. I’ve always wondered if i could fry an egg on the roof of my car… This is something i need to try lol. I did some vintage shopping today after work and came across some pretty great finds. (I’ll post about them later) In other news, we’re getting a brand new radio booth at work :) and i’m very excited!!! I’ll post pictures once we move into the new stationnn. This is what I wore today :)

DSCN2925 DSCN2926




ignore my messy room :p


Vintage Snake skin bag, Chico’s striped knit shirt, White DIY bodycon skirt, Knee high gladiator sandals (bought online)

let me know what you think

xoxo, Maria


  1. those gladiators are intense!

  2. i must agree with damsels... u asked where im from? im from brevard lol i have alot of friends who live in broward...

  3. LOVING la cartera y las gladiators. sweet.

  4. im in love with your Vintage Snake skin bag.. hohohoho

    and your gladi.. so bold, love it!
    love, v

  5. Wow your gorgeous!!
    Very pretty pictures and outfit!

  6. I bought the shirt at ZARA, im sure you can find it there :)

    Andy from stylescrapbook.com