with the New Kings of Leon Album




Some pictures from when my boyfriend and I went to Miami. Key biscayne abandoned water park to be more exact. this place is COVERED in grafitti from corner to corner- it's insane! So we brought the camera along as well as a couple cans. This place is covered in grime, dripping from the rain the night before and falling apart. It's perfect!
ps: click the pics for full size


Kings Of leon!

Kings of Leon this past weekend. Insane! If you haven't seen them live you seriously have to. Unreal. Imo better than the Miami show last year.

Love this


Morikami Japanese Gardens

Morikami pictures from about a month ago. What a peaceful place to be...serenity gardens, waterfalls, traditional Japanese houses and amazing food. Went vegetarian about 2 months ago and it is not hard at all. Meat is something I dont miss but I still eat fish so i guess I'm a pescatarian?..
(dress: vintage long black maxi dress, purse: Chanel vintage purse)



Sorry for the lack of posts but I really have been off enjoying my summer! Hope you guys are having a great one too!


Enjoying the Past

Here are some pics of my new Nine West belt. I saw this at a vintage shop and it reminded me of the vintage Moschino belt i've been drooling over. Forgive the cell phone pics but I forgot to bring my camera that day. The belt is much brighter in person!

Above is very cuteChristian Lacroix jacket my friend and I spotted at another vintage shop. This one though is authentic clothing from the 20s to the 80s....very cool! Some more pics below

Look at the cute little mushroom futons. So adorable!

and finally this Poncho that caught my attention at yet another store. I saw this a LONG time ago and I would've bought it if Florida wasnt always above 80 degrees :(
I finally graduated from college with a Bachelors in Science :) Med school hopefully is next for me
ps: Hope everyone is enjoying their summer
xoxo Maria


If I was young, I'd flee this town. I'd bury my dreams underground.

I'm in LOVE with this song.. CANNOT STOP listening to it. I just love it! <3


Photog Shmotog

1. my friend's lovely scarf 2.random shot while inside an old radio van. 3. my latest aquisition-so beautiful. 4. I touch my head a lot when laughing 5. ahopping at AA


A night to remember

Last night was soo much fun! Arctic Monkeys were in town and a couple of friends and I went to Miami Beach to watch them perform live. Needless to say, the show was amazing! A girl crowd surfing landed on my head and knocked me to the ground. It didn't really hurt I'm not sure why. At the time it seemed more funny than anything lol. So after the show which was amazing,(did i mention it was amazing? :)) my friend and I went and waited by the gate where we met 1/2 of arctic monkeys. Hands down an unforgetable nighttt



Basic Thursday

Today's outfit consisted of a basic jean shirt with a black body con skirt and a vintage coach purse. Check out the shoes I love them! Trying out a new camera but I still really don't have the hang of it. Thinking of switching to my old cybershot.