Graffiti on Canvas


First off, I want to apologize for the lack of posts. I have been feeling a little sick and have been super busy so I haven’t had the time to take pictures of even turn on my computer lol. So this is the second post of my paintings series. This particular one took me about 4 hours and its acrylic on canvas. So lots of things going on:

*Getting ready for my trip to Peru in 2 weeks

Went to a vintage boutique and found a truly great dress which i will snap soon. Just to give you an idea of what it looks like just think sequins, mesh and fringe :). I need to get it altered because its a bit long on me so once that’s done I will start wearing it.

Florida is hot as usual with lots of rain lately so my outfits have consisted of lots of body con skirts, acid washed shirts, shorts, and lots and lots of jewelry. On slightly cooler days (ie 90 degrees) i’ve been wearing a pair of DIY Studded ankle boots which i purchases a couple years ago. pics up soon!

lastly, thanks for all the sweet comments, I will answer them all pretty soon so no worries ;)



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