Hi everyone! sorry i haven't posted in so long! I just got back from my trip to michigan for my boyfriend's sister's graduation party. I got in yesterday at around 5 pm and then I had to go to work from 9 to 11pm at the radio station where I work so i was pretty tired to do a post. I had so much fun. This is how my trip went:

  • Arrived at the Airport at 6 am to leave to Orlando and then catch a connection flight to Detroit
  • Got to Orlando,found out theres not connection flights to detroit lol
  • Left for St. Louis and then to Detroit.
  • Arrived at Detroit at around 5 pm (geeze)
  • Had dinner met a lot of my boyfriend's family and had lamb for the first time (I didnt know it was lamb...i felt so bad)
  • Went to a safari to feed animals
  • Ran up hills :)
  • Collected flowers
  • Ran in the Rain
  • Got sick :(
  • Went to Cedar Point which is by the way sooo muchh funnn
  • Went to Ohio
  • Had the greasiest patty melt sandwhich I've ever seen at this place called Tony's. They're known for having sevings that could feed 5 people. I was so grossed out by the way people were eating! One girl was eating a ONE GALLON FUDGE SUNDAE all by herself and there were buckets of bacon all over with humongous burgers. I've never seen a person eat so much!
  • All in all I had a great time and lots of fun :)

Here are some pictures from the fields:


Here I am knee deep in Daisies :) (the sun was in my faceee)



and here's one of my boyfriend's sister and I just fooling around LOL


The whole trip was pretty laid back so I packed light.


ps: thanks for all the sweet comments! hope you guys had a great weekend. I'll answer e-mails and posts pretty soon :)

what did u do this weekend?

xoxo, Maria

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  1. you look pretty great in black

  2. sounds like you had fun!

    you're gorg!

    love your blogg