Alexander McQueen

saw this on fashionsquad wooooowww

pattern in your legs


In Love with…



Loving the lace up peep toe wedges! I saw a similar pair at Baker’s. must. go. there.now. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Givenchy and it’s ready to wear awesomeness. Below are some of my favourite.



   I’m not sure if this bag is givenchy*

Must try a DIY with the layered chains. More is more :)



Ring Overload




picture one:silver 3 circle ring, silver and crystal ring, turquoise stone ring, purple rock ring                         

picture 2: Pink Stone ring, Blue Stone Silver Ring, Criss Cross Ball ring, Black Onyx Ring                


Hi everyone! I’ve been a busy bee!. The necklace sales have really picked up and i’ve been making them non-stop :). So here’s a post about a bunch of rings that I had already and that I bought when I was in Peru.




Dream come true!

yes! yes! yes! yes!!!!!! The Sam Edelman "Zoe" boot aka the look-alike balenciaga harness boots are coming!!!!!!!!!!!! It's 2 am and I am sooo excited! cannot wait to have these babies on my feet!! I just got an e-mail saying they will be available begining of august. SOOOOO excited! I'm wondering how much they will be? Also I went missing for 10 days in peru :) so that explains the lack of posts. I will update you guys more pretty soon. Too excited to type fast enough lololol.
I just realized august starts pretty soon! where's summer gone to?? I can't believe its almost over.
Big changes coming my way. eeeekkkk I'll let you guys know when it happens :(
wow i just went from super excited to kinda sad. Talk about Bipolar...
love you guys thanks for all the sweet comments while i was away. :)


Photobooth fun

This is what I do at work lol. Photobooth with my coworkers Bridget and Jonny. lololol

Voting Poster

This is a voting poster I made for my graphic design class last year. If you can't recognize the person in the poster, it's Stefan Sagmeister. The famous graphic designer known for his typography work as well as intricate designs. The poster is really self-explanatory. Simple and to the point. I think it's an effective solution in my opinion. So let me know what you think. I have outfit posts coming up really soon ;).

xoxo, Maria


This looks familiar

DSCN3011 DSCN2634

lol Tom Binns again! I love this necklace so much i decided to make more :). One more is up for sale on my Ebay store.


xoxo, Maria

Glamour August 09 scans

DSCN3015 DSCN2999


Here are some of my favorite scans from the new issue of Glamour magazine. The first two shots are models emulating MK and Ashley Olsen’s style as well as Rihanna. There were a couple others of other celebrities but these are the ones i found most interesting. Hope you guys enjoy!


xoxo, Maria