Gloomy sunday outfit

And here's what I'm wearing on a gloomy Florida Sunday. (sorry for the bad quality, im still working on fixing my camera)

Tom Binns inspired DIY necklace, cutout ankle boots (remind me of Maison Martin Margiela's cutout boots), 323K13L shirt, and cutoffs. Also worn with this vintage studded purse pictured below.

Here's a close up of the Tom Binns DIY along with a vintage belt worn as a necklace (I hooked it onto one of the safety pins) and a random necklace found in my room.


Tom Binns DIY safety pins and pearl necklace

This weekend was spent catching up with family,shopping,Diy-ing, more shopping, going to see "Up" (which is by the way the cutest movie I have ever seen), going to the Ale house to watch a basketball game,dressing up and saying goodbyes. So, as promised, here's the DIY for the Tom Binns necklace in the picture below. 150 safety pins and 36grams of pearls later, here is the finished product. (btw the bag said grams instead of units. dont know why?..) anyway, I never realized how hard it is to create randomness in a piece. This necklace took me a surprisingly short amount of time considering all the work that had to be done. I'm thinking that for the next DIY, i could create one with black pearls? or two tone? or different color pearls. I had lots of fun making this necklace :).

Here's the picture I used as inspiration for the necklace. I couldnt find it online so i had to photograph it since my scanner is acting up.

and here's my version. It's slightly thicker than the original necklace but I think I like it better this way.

a close up :)


Tom Binns

I feel a DIY coming :)



Being the ADD person that I am, I completely forgot to post a picture of the Sam Edelman Harness boots :) As you can see, they are practically the same except for the quilting on the harness of the Edelman ones. I wish I was wearing them right now.



Drooling over these

It's no secret that i'm obsessed with the FW 06 Balenciaga Harness boots and that I can't wait to get my hands on a pair. But being that they're sold out EVERYWHERE and I have the budget of a college student, I don't think I'll ever own them. So, when i heard about the Sam Edelman Knock offs going for about $100 instead of $1600 I was sooo excited. However, they're sold out all over :(. I was reading a couple forums online about people who own a pair of harness boots but have never worn them out. I was like "what?! why wouldn't you wear them out?!!!" Seriously, why spend so much money on something thats gonna sit in your closet. How about passing it on! lol. Anyway, I sent an e-mail through the Sam Edelman website a couple weeks ago and I got this response today:

"Hello,Thank you for your interest in Sam Edelman. That style is being broughtback for Fall 09. At LF Stores.We will send an email of notification once they have shipped."

There's no need to say how excited I am right now! Cannot wait till these come out again :) I would wear them all day everyday!!

Do you own these amazing boots? let me know :)

I'll leave you guys with this picture of MK wearing hers :)


Stuck in Time

Hi everyone! This is an image feed of images i found interesting while doing some research for the post below this one. It's all images of dancers because i was trying to find a good picture for some of my collages. Anyway, these are some I found interesting and that caught my eye (especially the third one) You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? well the great thing about these pictures is how they tell a story yet, they feel so silent to me. Something about the fact that they're in black and white feels like they're stuck in time.

above is a picture of me from a couple months back. Here I'm wearing my favourite pair of knee-high gladiators SS 06 (which i've worn way too much since I got them a year ago). Since this picture was taken, the sandals have been neatly put back in their box to give them some rest...until i decide to wear them again :). Back to my point... lol you can notice the similarity from the Hawaiian dancer to my picture haha.
ps: I actually think I wore this outfit to go see Ratatat perform.

Nebulas and Dancers

Hi Again. This is another image feed from another one of my projects. In this instance, we had to do a brochure but i utilized the same collage technique. I really like the third image of the girl playing the tuba. I feel like these images really speak to me and the second time around proved to be much easier since i started using online images also. I think everyone can agree that finding a specific image online is much easier than searching for it in piles and piles of old magazines. I feel like doing more of these and it's summer aka no school aka loads of free time ;). Hope you guys enjoy this second feed! let me know what you think!
xoxo, Maria

Image Feed: Cutouts

These are some projects I did for my graphic design class at school.
The last two are not mine. I got them form the web :).I'm not sure about the source
Hope you guys like them! These were all done using good-old fashioned magazine cutouts and glue. Took me soo long to find all the pictures I wanted to use but it was definetly worth it. It was done for a cd project so I was going for a Beck "The information" feel but using cutouts instead of stickers. I also added an envelope to one of the back panels and it was full of more cutouts so that people could make their own collages. So let me know what you think!
Anyway it's pretty late so good night!
xoxo, Maria

On a Day like today

wow first entry!
Hi to everyone! My name is Maria and I'm a 19 yr. old student from Peru but I'm currently living in Florida.
So a little about the blog; Basically this blog is for inspiration. Photography,Fashion,Music,DIY,Thrifting, Old films, Art and anything else that catches my attention.
Hope you guys enjoy it!
-xoxo, Maria