Tom Binns DIY safety pins and pearl necklace

This weekend was spent catching up with family,shopping,Diy-ing, more shopping, going to see "Up" (which is by the way the cutest movie I have ever seen), going to the Ale house to watch a basketball game,dressing up and saying goodbyes. So, as promised, here's the DIY for the Tom Binns necklace in the picture below. 150 safety pins and 36grams of pearls later, here is the finished product. (btw the bag said grams instead of units. dont know why?..) anyway, I never realized how hard it is to create randomness in a piece. This necklace took me a surprisingly short amount of time considering all the work that had to be done. I'm thinking that for the next DIY, i could create one with black pearls? or two tone? or different color pearls. I had lots of fun making this necklace :).

Here's the picture I used as inspiration for the necklace. I couldnt find it online so i had to photograph it since my scanner is acting up.

and here's my version. It's slightly thicker than the original necklace but I think I like it better this way.

a close up :)


  1. very nice it looks just like th original!!!

  2. Very cute! I love the silver. I just made a bracelet like it in gold...

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