Stuck in Time

Hi everyone! This is an image feed of images i found interesting while doing some research for the post below this one. It's all images of dancers because i was trying to find a good picture for some of my collages. Anyway, these are some I found interesting and that caught my eye (especially the third one) You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? well the great thing about these pictures is how they tell a story yet, they feel so silent to me. Something about the fact that they're in black and white feels like they're stuck in time.

above is a picture of me from a couple months back. Here I'm wearing my favourite pair of knee-high gladiators SS 06 (which i've worn way too much since I got them a year ago). Since this picture was taken, the sandals have been neatly put back in their box to give them some rest...until i decide to wear them again :). Back to my point... lol you can notice the similarity from the Hawaiian dancer to my picture haha.
ps: I actually think I wore this outfit to go see Ratatat perform.


  1. Always fun to find Floridian bloggers :) are there more?


  2. thanks for the info :)
    heatwave is right.. we call it year-round Summer here and "Summer" is really a "Sauna" :P

    I only wear layers or jackets when I'll be spending my time indoors, and a very blasted chilly A/C is on! ;)