Nebulas and Dancers

Hi Again. This is another image feed from another one of my projects. In this instance, we had to do a brochure but i utilized the same collage technique. I really like the third image of the girl playing the tuba. I feel like these images really speak to me and the second time around proved to be much easier since i started using online images also. I think everyone can agree that finding a specific image online is much easier than searching for it in piles and piles of old magazines. I feel like doing more of these and it's summer aka no school aka loads of free time ;). Hope you guys enjoy this second feed! let me know what you think!
xoxo, Maria


  1. Where in Florida?

    Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean, usually Floridians dress so blah/boring. Girls our age think that tank tops, jeans and flip-flops are the yearly uniform. I pretend I live everywhere cold or hot, when getting dressed. You'll never catch me in a Florida tee, either. ;) lol...

    x, thanks!

  2. I love your collages. They are very well done.

  3. these collages are good! you are going to have to help me with computer art class next yearr.. lol
    xoxo mucho amorr

  4. hey girl, youre blogs awesome! love your looks on lookbook too ;) keep it up heh

  5. Soooo estudias disenio grafico? por que yo si estudie eso aca en Peru.
    que genial! tal ves tenemos varias cosas en comĂșn.

    que tengas un buen dia.