Image Feed: Cutouts

These are some projects I did for my graphic design class at school.
The last two are not mine. I got them form the web :).I'm not sure about the source
Hope you guys like them! These were all done using good-old fashioned magazine cutouts and glue. Took me soo long to find all the pictures I wanted to use but it was definetly worth it. It was done for a cd project so I was going for a Beck "The information" feel but using cutouts instead of stickers. I also added an envelope to one of the back panels and it was full of more cutouts so that people could make their own collages. So let me know what you think!
Anyway it's pretty late so good night!
xoxo, Maria


  1. los amé!
    tu arte es puro amorrrr ♥

  2. these are actually really good. i like yours better than the ones from the web xxxx