Drooling over these

It's no secret that i'm obsessed with the FW 06 Balenciaga Harness boots and that I can't wait to get my hands on a pair. But being that they're sold out EVERYWHERE and I have the budget of a college student, I don't think I'll ever own them. So, when i heard about the Sam Edelman Knock offs going for about $100 instead of $1600 I was sooo excited. However, they're sold out all over :(. I was reading a couple forums online about people who own a pair of harness boots but have never worn them out. I was like "what?! why wouldn't you wear them out?!!!" Seriously, why spend so much money on something thats gonna sit in your closet. How about passing it on! lol. Anyway, I sent an e-mail through the Sam Edelman website a couple weeks ago and I got this response today:

"Hello,Thank you for your interest in Sam Edelman. That style is being broughtback for Fall 09. At LF Stores.We will send an email of notification once they have shipped."

There's no need to say how excited I am right now! Cannot wait till these come out again :) I would wear them all day everyday!!

Do you own these amazing boots? let me know :)

I'll leave you guys with this picture of MK wearing hers :)


  1. so if those are balenciaga then the eldman lookexactly like them?
    good good find . cant wait for that post .

  2. they are pretty. redic. i'd love them.

  3. i think it's awesome that you're so crazy with your fashion, there are so many things that i like but wouldn't ever wear b/c i feel like i can't pull it off or it's too extreme or something. i'm glad that you will wear what you like, when you want and how you want. it's really awesome (: