Spring Break 2010

Organizing shoes, DIY experimenting with beads, chains and broken bits and pieces, Museums, Grafitti, Banksy, Blek le Rat, Alice in wonderland in 3D, playing around in the museum gift shop, abandoned mansions, Steak N' Shake at midnight, weird clubs and crazy late night drives. All in a weeks time. Went to the beach once during this whole week. The amount of spring breakers that were in the FL beaches reached obnoxious levels. Here's some pics enjoy!

I was not expecting to see an original Banksy here! Its so weird to see this in a museum.
Blek le rat
This was all done in glass and as light came in from behind the panel, the whole room turned a beautiful shade of blue.

bf creeping from behind

And finally heres just a rack i received as a gift 2 christmases ago lol.

and some more shoes :)


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