converting to nerd mode

Hey everyone! Here's a picture my friend took of me a while back at school. haha don't worry I put the glasses on only for the picture. I wasn't feeling the hispter non-prescription glasses look that day. So a quick update of everything that's been going on:

Unfortunately I did not get a high enough MCAT score to continue my med school applications.. so I am taking a year off from school and reapplying later this year.

Currently doing Malaria research on Equine red blood cells and taking a full load at school with biochem, cell molec and physics classes. (btw I HATE PHYSICS)

Working as a student Ambassador at my university giving tour of the amazing campus we have. Seriously, I didnt really appreciate what an amazing campus we have until I started giving tours. What other school has a shark tank in the middle of the cafeteria, the largest library in the state of FL, and a museum gallery containing Salvador Dali paintings?? crazzy stuff... well tuition isn't really cheap considering that without any financial aid tuition per semester comes out to about $11,000 :S (I pay nowhere near that btw!!)
Trying to cut down on my shoe online shopping addiction lol
Re-modeled my room etc etc
I'm tired of taking cell phone pics so I will buy a tripod as soon as possible so I can use my camera.

xoML :)

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