Enjoying the Past

Here are some pics of my new Nine West belt. I saw this at a vintage shop and it reminded me of the vintage Moschino belt i've been drooling over. Forgive the cell phone pics but I forgot to bring my camera that day. The belt is much brighter in person!

Above is very cuteChristian Lacroix jacket my friend and I spotted at another vintage shop. This one though is authentic clothing from the 20s to the 80s....very cool! Some more pics below

Look at the cute little mushroom futons. So adorable!

and finally this Poncho that caught my attention at yet another store. I saw this a LONG time ago and I would've bought it if Florida wasnt always above 80 degrees :(
I finally graduated from college with a Bachelors in Science :) Med school hopefully is next for me
ps: Hope everyone is enjoying their summer
xoxo Maria

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  1. i have literally searched everywhere for that moschino belt and i will continue to search until i have this belt aroung my waist....love the post and well done for becomin a graduate. I am currently in med school in england and i hope you become a doctor tooo....

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    totally had to follow ur blog. xx