Dream come true!

yes! yes! yes! yes!!!!!! The Sam Edelman "Zoe" boot aka the look-alike balenciaga harness boots are coming!!!!!!!!!!!! It's 2 am and I am sooo excited! cannot wait to have these babies on my feet!! I just got an e-mail saying they will be available begining of august. SOOOOO excited! I'm wondering how much they will be? Also I went missing for 10 days in peru :) so that explains the lack of posts. I will update you guys more pretty soon. Too excited to type fast enough lololol.
I just realized august starts pretty soon! where's summer gone to?? I can't believe its almost over.
Big changes coming my way. eeeekkkk I'll let you guys know when it happens :(
wow i just went from super excited to kinda sad. Talk about Bipolar...
love you guys thanks for all the sweet comments while i was away. :)

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