Basic Thursday

Today's outfit consisted of a basic jean shirt with a black body con skirt and a vintage coach purse. Check out the shoes I love them! Trying out a new camera but I still really don't have the hang of it. Thinking of switching to my old cybershot.


Spring Break 2010

Organizing shoes, DIY experimenting with beads, chains and broken bits and pieces, Museums, Grafitti, Banksy, Blek le Rat, Alice in wonderland in 3D, playing around in the museum gift shop, abandoned mansions, Steak N' Shake at midnight, weird clubs and crazy late night drives. All in a weeks time. Went to the beach once during this whole week. The amount of spring breakers that were in the FL beaches reached obnoxious levels. Here's some pics enjoy!

I was not expecting to see an original Banksy here! Its so weird to see this in a museum.
Blek le rat
This was all done in glass and as light came in from behind the panel, the whole room turned a beautiful shade of blue.

bf creeping from behind

And finally heres just a rack i received as a gift 2 christmases ago lol.

and some more shoes :)




It's crazy the things you can do with a cell phone camera. Took this pic last week when I was extremely bored haha. So super excited for April 1rst because Arctic Monkeys are coming to town! Maybe Alexa Chung will be around? :) hahaha. Seriously, her Acne Atacoma wedges are pretty amazing but definitely second to the Balenciaga Harness Boots. So, taking a break from biochem right nowww. I am looking into getting the tripod sometime this week. Because seriously in all honesty, cell phone pics are the lowest common denominator when it comes to picture quality. So I will dust off my camera from the black hole that is my closet and I will start posting better pictures. Until then comment with a link to your blog ;)


converting to nerd mode

Hey everyone! Here's a picture my friend took of me a while back at school. haha don't worry I put the glasses on only for the picture. I wasn't feeling the hispter non-prescription glasses look that day. So a quick update of everything that's been going on:

Unfortunately I did not get a high enough MCAT score to continue my med school applications.. so I am taking a year off from school and reapplying later this year.

Currently doing Malaria research on Equine red blood cells and taking a full load at school with biochem, cell molec and physics classes. (btw I HATE PHYSICS)

Working as a student Ambassador at my university giving tour of the amazing campus we have. Seriously, I didnt really appreciate what an amazing campus we have until I started giving tours. What other school has a shark tank in the middle of the cafeteria, the largest library in the state of FL, and a museum gallery containing Salvador Dali paintings?? crazzy stuff... well tuition isn't really cheap considering that without any financial aid tuition per semester comes out to about $11,000 :S (I pay nowhere near that btw!!)
Trying to cut down on my shoe online shopping addiction lol
Re-modeled my room etc etc
I'm tired of taking cell phone pics so I will buy a tripod as soon as possible so I can use my camera.

xoML :)


lil' babies

Here's the latest addition to my shoe family. I love these hot new babies :)

red hot

Red shoes online, black tights, Black dress, DIY necklace from last post, Vintage beaded belt


The many benefits of recycling

Here's a necklace I made this week out of broken chains and bracelets. I can't believe it only took me thirty minutes to make! It looks heavy but it surprinsingly doesn't weigh that much! Made with earrings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces and pearls. Hope you like it!
Hope you guys are having a good spring break so far :)